Thanks Brad for a job well done

I choose to use a letter to the editor that was written by a SLCC student. The letter says it all and I choose to offer (on behalf of the entire SLCC Community my endorsement.

Brad Bennion,

You did a heck of a job. It was inspiring to see you reinvent yourself, reach for the bar and grab it. Not all of us are able to do that.

To be selected, as the Globe Editor is a major accomplishment. The competition for the position is intense. Congratulations on your successful tour of duty.

(That and $2.50 will get you the weekend edition of USA Today or the Wall Street Journey (sic).

Your final comments as editor reflects your intelligence, altruistic nature, and competence. Thanks for all of your efforts.

So now the question oh “Former Great and Mighty Leader”, be thus;

Will you continue to impress, reinvent and generally be a better a person? The sum of which will be this mud ball will be a better when you leave than it was when you got here?

We hope so, and bid you good luck!

P.S. You might want to start with your wardrobe. Most of the time you dressed like your basic Hobo!

May the NorSlyAzenager
Be With You,
An Anonymous
Comrade SLCC Student


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