Apple 2. What?

So what’s new? The apple watch didn’t much change in its appearance but did improve its software.  The watch series 2 is just a slight thicker than the first watch. The main and most important part of the new Apple Watch is now waterproof. This may either seem like a big deal or just another day. The water poof will allow swimmers to track their time and laps. It’s safe to say the apple watch is a great gadget for any athlete. The fitting for straps hasn’t changed but we did get designer brand Hermes stapes and Nike. Nike has teamed up with Apple that lets you customize the face of your watch. The software has performance speed has upgraded and most of the apps are pretty much the same and there is also a new SOS emergency app. The original watch lacked in battery life. Everyone know that the most important part. The new Apple watch has extended it battery life up to two days more. So if you have money laying around I recommend you go get yourself a new apple watch.

Apple Watch review




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