Health Care at your fingertips!!

CTechnology in the hands

Ever wanted to know what your Doctors are writing about you, or just pay with an app?

The University of Utah has come a long way in patient care with its online and smartphone app for its patients. With MyChart patients are now able to access their full medical records online or on their phone. This allows the patients to see what is being said about them in their charts, if their medical information such as; immunizations, medications, etc is up to date. There are other features that allow the patients to update their medical records if they received care elsewhere so their providers are notified. Patients also have the option to view and pay their bills online, which makes life easier for everyone.

Moving into online health care has opened up so many other doors. E-scribing now lets providers move away from paper prescriptions and send them electronically to patients pharmacy. This has benefited the most as health care has started to move forward to online appointments. Patients with specific complaints are able to skype, facetime, and other means to speak with their providers for an appointment. Being able to E-scribe medications if needed is a huge benefit for these patents and a huge move forward in health care.

If you’re curious to see your information click below.

What’s in your MyChart?



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