Social Learning is the Next Big Thing!

Ever wanted to have a safe haven for sharing ideas without the ridicule you get from social media? Well look no further because L2O is just the thing for you! Combining the power of social media without competitive features, it allows you to share as what they call “Aha” moments privately or socially with other users.

It has two specific features that I find will be really beneficial for learners of all ages. You can place your learnings socially and add-on to others to help them better understand an idea. Also you can post in a private journal to reflect on your findings at a later time. Simran Arora, L20’s collaboration director stated “Our organization partners and individual users recognize that complex problems can be addressed most effectively through collaboration,L2O provides the vehicle for them to learn together and take action.”

L20 is a community for open-minded learners to share their personal findings in a positive, judgment free environment and eager to help others grow.

You can find L20 in all countries and is currently available for Apple users in the App Store.




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