There’s an App for That


A University of Michigan study has found that the number of 16 year olds with a driver’s license has plummeted from 46 percent to 24 percent in the past 30 years. This is true for Americans of all ages. Except the 70-and-older crowd. Which is a little disconcerting.

I blame this general decline in driver licensure on hoverboards. Who wants to drive a car when you can travel by hoverboard? Not me. Or maybe people are holding out for those new self-driving cars. Seems like a smart plan.

A new mobile app from a startup in Austin, Texas just might have the solution to all of our problems. Aceable aims to deliver driver’s education in a mobile app.

Sixteen year olds – and students of all ages for that matter – can use this digital education to attend driver’s education courses. Anything to avoid interacting with another human being in person, am I right? Well, you still have take the final driving and written test at your friendly, local Department of Motor Vehicles.

I would have used this app in a heartbeat. Then, I wouldn’t have had to take summer driver’s ed courses taught by my gym/health education teacher.

This app should make it easier for people to obtain driver’s licenses. And there are opportunities to expand. Nearly one-quarter of all jobs in the USA require some sort of certification. Think, real estate agents and bartenders. Someday soon you might be able to get job certifications from a mobile app too.

Personally, I want an app that will let me avoid the DMV entirely. Someone please make that app. Please.


Image: Aceable




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