Tinder- #1 Hook up site


Whether you are young and single or old and married, Tinder has got something for you. Curiosity is the leader of innovation, as well as the catalyst for adventure. Tinder is curiosity in steroids. It is the perfect app to see where you are at as far as hookability.

Want to see what your chances are in the market of sexual appeal?

Tinder’s for you. All you have to do is search for the Tinder app and download it on your smartphone. You link it to your facebook and you are set to navigate the millions of singles in your area.

If you got a decent picture you are bound to get something on Tinder, if you do not, go ahead and ask a friend or pay for some good pictures. Tinder will change your hook up rate 100% if you know how to market yourself.

Alright, Tinder up! and enjoy the fruits of your loins.

Sorry the fruits of your labors

Terms and Conditions don’t scare me but…

I recently watched a well done documentary entitled Terms and Conditions May Apply. It had a good amount of information, but nothing particularly surprising or unsettling. I know companies have claim on the info, pictures, and other items I provide them. I know the risk when subscribing, signing up for, posting, tweeting, snapchatting, etc.

There are methods to keeping yourself secure (strong password, pseudonym accounts, etc.), but honestly, the biggest takeaway from this film? DON’T POST ANYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT YOU WOULDN’T WANT YOUR GRANDMA/EMPLOYER/SCHOOL/ETC. TO SEE. Photos of wild parties, sexist jokes, strongly-worded political opinions, and stories of illegal (albeit fun) behavior should be left elsewhere. As great as it is to have those likes and comments and people thinking your life is full of fun, wit, and adventure, it has a strong possibility of coming back to bite you.

I have three excellent examples. My first friend didn’t land an solid job at an prestigious company because they perused her Facebook first and found a few photos of her “partying hard” (they brought this up in the interview!). My second friend was called to drop out of the running for Student Body President of the University of Utah when a racist joke was found on his Facebook page FROM FIVE YEARS PRIOR. My last friend didn’t hire a qualified candidate to work at this company because this individual had “liked” Kanye West on Facebook (I can sort of see where he’s coming from, admittedly).

Be careful, and be smart, people.


Terms and Conditions and Blah Blah Blah

terms-and-conditionsNever have I ever read Terms and Conditions of any website. Wait, I take that back. Sometimes I do get suckered into clicking on the “free things” ads, but before I ever submit my information to win I read the Terms and Conditions. And nine times out of ten there’s something I don’t like in there and I don’t enter to win. Bummer.

Here are some of the best tips I have found to help protect you from the online world and from giving away too much information: use different passwords for EVERYTHING. This is one of the biggest tips I have found on every website I visited. Make your password strong and change it often. Don’t ever post too much information about your life, and make sure your computer and Wi-Fi are protected. The last and what may seem to be the most obvious advice to stay safe online is to be aware and know what sites have your information. Don’t ever shop on random sites that just pop up and seem to good to be true. It’s like being out in the real world, you are always aware of where you are and where you are going, the same goes for the online world. Stay safe out there.


Terms and What????

Terms and What????

Terms and Conditions are kind of like every Thanksgiving dinner when your extended family members can’t stop asking you about your dating life, you “yes” to avoid. But unlike Aunt Cindy, Terms and Conditions could cause more than embarrassment and annoyance.

I recently watched this video HERE and learn basically to never get on the internet again, just kidding(kind of). All jokes aside what it did do is open my eyes to how much I was really sharing, how little privacy I have, and how its so important to be careful and aware of what we’re posting online.

There is something to say about the government knowing basically our whole lives.You could argue safely or something but at what cost? Did you know they have cameras all over New York and other parts of the world that record us 24/7? The power they have in their hands is huge and only would take a few clicks to ruin it all.

If you take anything out of this..

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Listen to Pres.Obama & watch what you post on Facebook kids.

bye MM

I Have Read and Understand?


Have you ever read the terms and conditions before you signed up for a website?

Yeah, me neither.

I pretty much just scroll to the bottom, click the “I swear I have read this whole thing” button, and continue on my merry way.

Recently, the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” has opened my eyes to the error of my ways. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of a website or application, you are also agreeing to allowing that company to collect your data and personal information.

People probably aren’t going to stop posting vacation pics to Instagram or googling the most random of things. So, the best way to protect your data and online identity is just be aware of what you put online—i.e. don’t put anything too personal or compromising online (like your birthday, which is actually your password for many online sites)—and know that nothing is truly private.

Read the terms and conditions (it’s legally binding, after all) and look into the privacy settings of the website you’re using.

Be smart about how you use the internet and you probably won’t have any problems.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you can always move to the deep wilderness and live off the land. They’ll never find you there.



Security and Online Data

After watching the documentary our data can be used anywhere and we might not know it.  It is important to protect ourselves from hackers and other sources that might leak our data and privacy.  At times I know that we all have apps and data on our phones but to understand way to protect our data could be more important than you think. Remember some could be for safety and some could use it against you.

Sometime we might not understand the “agreement terms” but it is good to read out the information before you go out and sign up for any of the apps.  Reading the terms can help you understand the app better and help you understand what data is being used.  Another good way of protecting yourself is to see if their is any way on apps where you can protect your profiles by seeing security and privacy terms to help protect your information.

By: Nabi Rizavi