Welcome to the Birdhouse




If you follow the electronic music trend that is very so popular, then I’m sure you are familiar with Claude Von Stroke and his Independent Label Dirtybird. Based out of San Francisco, this Detroit Native has a passion for all sorts of genres from funk, to Chicago House. Von Stroke, real name Barclay Crenshaw has gained momentum with his label by providing peculiar sounds from Justin Marin, J-Phlip, Will Clarke and several other artists who have set the bar for independent labels.

Starting thirteen years ago, this label has created a very popular podcast called The Birdhouse that incorporates new releases from the label, promos and throwbacks from several different generations. The podcast has only been going for the past year and just celebrated 52 episodes last month. I really enjoy this podcast because he often talks about the history of where house music came and brings back music from the 70’s and 80’s. I think this has really helped his podcast become something really special and has drawn in a larger audience who is curious about sub-genres of house and techno. I wanted to share my love for this podcast in light of me venturing to his 2nd ever Dirtybird Campout Festival in Southern California this weekend. The Label represents community, friendship and respect among many music lovers from all over.




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