My personal favorite podcast.


I listen to a lot of podcasts. It essentially all I do at work when I am pretending to do my job and am feeling bored. But out of all the podcasts I listen to this one has to be my favorite. It’s called the Gameover Greggy Show ( The reason I like it so much is the sheer amount of different topics they talk about in the show. The shows format is four sometimes five best friends gathering about a table and talking about random topics that they all think of right before the show. The topics cover all whole spectrum of topics from super serious topics like LGBTQ rights and depression to completely none serious topics like Jetpacks.

You are always guaranteed a good laugh and a good time when you listen to this podcast and every single one of the hosts is amazing and honestly cares about its fanbase. If you have time to slot in an extra podcast into your day I would say to check this one out. It helps me stay sane while still being both informative and fun, plus the community has a ton of wonderful people in it that I just love.

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  1. YES! I’ve been listening to Colin & Greg since the Podcast Beyond! days. Really unfortunate that Colin left Kinda Funny… he’s an awesome journalist and (I think) he made their shows better 😦

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