Music for your soul!!


One of my favorite apps right now is Apple Play. As a student, they offer a discounted monthly price, which for us struggling “poor” students is awesome!  With Apple Music they have you categorize genre’s, artists, songs, that you love the most. With this information, they create playlists personalized for you, based on what you have told them. But this is not all, you can download all this music you want right onto your phone without paying that annoying $1.99 or more fee every time. With being able to search for any type of music you would like on Apple Music, you are able to really broaden your scope of listening. I don’t know about you but, it’s annoying when that one friend only listens to country, or pop, and never really seeks out what really music has to offer us. Which for most, is an escape from reality, our own personal feel-good time.

Feed your soul here!


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