My Favorite App (Currently)

I couldn’t write a blurb about my current favorite app without giving a shout-out to my “basic necessity” apps first. I couldn’t live without Google Maps, as I have no navigational skills or even a good sense of direction. I couldn’t live without Facebook, as the events that I get invited to or suggested to attend make up my weekly plans. My job revolves around eBay, so I couldn’t get very far without that very efficient little app as well.

With that said, my current favorite app is… *drumroll*… a game. That’s right, I’m currently hooked on a little mobile game called “Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes”. I’ve been an avid PvZ fan since 2010, so of course I downloaded their latest creation this last week. And it’s a good time – they’ve combined collectible card games with their classic tower defense formula in a very addicting little free-to-play app. Collect plant (or zombie!) cards, make a deck, and defend your garden. Play against the computer in a well-done campaign, or fight against other players in real-time. I highly recommend giving it a shot (as I need more opponents)!

Check it out here!




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