Terms and What????

Terms and Conditions are kind of like every Thanksgiving dinner when your extended family members can’t stop asking you about your dating life, you “yes” to avoid. But unlike Aunt Cindy, Terms and Conditions could cause more than embarrassment and annoyance.

I recently watched this video HERE and learn basically to never get on the internet again, just kidding(kind of). All jokes aside what it did do is open my eyes to how much I was really sharing, how little privacy I have, and how its so important to be careful and aware of what we’re posting online.

There is something to say about the government knowing basically our whole lives.You could argue safely or something but at what cost? Did you know they have cameras all over New York and other parts of the world that record us 24/7? The power they have in their hands is huge and only would take a few clicks to ruin it all.

If you take anything out of this..

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Listen to Pres.Obama & watch what you post on Facebook kids.

bye MM


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