#girlboss Radio

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Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, best selling author and host of #girlboss radio. Every week Sophia talks with a successful woman starting at the bottom with their first job. This podcast rocks my world with inspiration for the week. Seeing successful women in the workforce talk about how they’re first job was waiting tables or scrubbing toilets makes the goals that I have seem much more attainable.

Check it out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/girlboss-radio/id1041122387?mt=2

Like Totally, Generation Like

Watching the PBS Documentary Generation Like reminded me of a quote I’ve heard various times throughout my life.  “Those who have known freedom and lost it, have never regained it”

A person’s essence – their thoughts, habits, beliefs and little idiosyncrasies that make them the unique person they are – is extremely valuable, much more than most people ever fully realize.  Yet, for a few lines of code and pixels on a screen, generations of Americans are willing to trade these pieces of themselves.  Exchanging value for something less tangible than dust.


Once online, these pieces can never be gotten back.  Privacy, once lost can never be fully regained.  Yet, for a like from a stranger who is scarcely thinking while clicking it, has somehow gained value to the point of trading something priceless to get it.  It’s a crazy world.


RenderForest, a study in good Web 2.0

Here’s an interesting web 2.0 APP that fits right in with many COMM students’ final term projects…RenderForest.


This is a free online video maker that help edit videos, make animations, create presentations and music visualizations in minutes.  Normally when you hear ‘free’ when associated with anything regarding video editing, you would discount it.  However, in this case, the free software is functional and fast and doesn’t watermark your images.

There are templates to make things easy, or you can freelance it and go your own way.  When you have completed your video uploads and editing, exporting to broadcast quality videos can be done in just a couple minutes.

An interesting article about this can be found at https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/05/renderforest.html


Terms & Conditions May Apply

The video was very eye-opening to see that a certain “conspiracy theory,” that has been played out in movie plot lines tirelessly, turns out to be true. Of course, we’re all supposed to be careful about what we say in public (that’s the price of freedom of speech), but when information can be accessed by anyone: the government, the FBI, or a hacker, could simply collect information on a person, I don’t know if either of them could handle it equally responsibly.

Anyone who wants to use the Internet at all will eventually come to a dilemma where they have to provide personal information in order to use a certain service. And it’s not just “name” and “age” they’re asking for. It’s big-ticket info such as addresses, emails, contact info, etc, that could be very hazardous if it was ever handled improperly. Seeing how the government, investigation agencies, and social media companies can access things like search results and social media posts, to help the individual or prevent a potential threat. While this is simply a tool they use to monitor people and assume threatening activity, they have shown, in this documentary, to go overboard sometimes with this kind of power.

This just proves that we need to be more careful about how we use the Internet in generally anything we use it for. Facebook shouldn’t be used as a dump for every photo and thought that comes through your head. The Internet should be treated as a public necessity where you take every precaution, that you would be okay with sharing with the world, or at least agencies that track your every move.


My Favorite App

My Favorite App

My favorite app is a game called Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam. This is a fighting game in which I get to use Marvel superheroes and villains to fight each other in 1-on-1 combat. I can collect more “champions” by unlocking crystals that I earn or buy as I progress in the game. These champions can include well known characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spiderman, as well as lesser known characters like Star Lord, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, and many others. I can use upgrades to make each character stronger, use them in teams on story mode, event story mode, or fight against other players from around the world in Arena fights. Event story mode changes almost every month so there’s always something new to look forward to. One of the fastest ways of progressing through the game is joining an alliance of real-world players that help out with alliance quests and other things. I like how despite all of the violence in this game isn’t bloody and gory, compared to other fighting games. The game is free to play and I would recommend it to anyone who just wants something with a lot of action in it.

Thanksgiving Tunes

If you’re anything like me, everything has to have a soundtrack – and nothing is better than cooking thanksgiving dinner with the ones you love with the classic sounds of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and many more. Pandora, has a fantastic Thanksgiving Radio that will be sure to get you in the holiday spirit!