Nothing is Private




Terms and Conditions… everyone has seen them but do you really understand them?

After watching Terms and Conditions May Apply it makes you really want to second guess what you’re putting on the internet. There really is nothing that can be tracked by some company or entity who’s trying to gather information on you.

While some of it seems innocent, you don’t know what goes out into the vast realm of the internet. What concerned me most is that companies hacked into a missing child’s voicemails to get any new information to release to the public. That seems like a violation of basic human rights. I understand why we need to gather information but due to the fact that I feel like I’m signing my life away, I don’t even care to be on the internet as much. If you haven’t seen South Park episode on the Huma cent iPad, you will find a lot of relatable things that you may see one day.


So the real question, are you ready to sign your life away?




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