Pay on the go!!!

Life gets stressful, its safe to say we have all experienced  that one day where you accidentally sleep in and you pick up your phone (because we’ve been apart for 6-8 hours) and you see the time and you are running late to work, school, and etc.  You throw some clothes on, brush your teeth, put deodorant and head out the door. Luckily you’re only a few minutes late and all is well, but you feel a little sluggish so you go to your local Starbucks to get caffeinated; you order your Americano, with room for cream so you can sugar that baby up, and the cashier tells you “that’ll be $2.45” and as you reach to your bag for your wallet you realize you left it on top of the kitchen counter, because the night prior you thought it would be easier to just grab at as you made your morning coffee.

Now there are two ways this story can end.

First: you tell the cashier to hold off on that order because you don’t have your wallet, and this slight feeling of embarrassment runs through your body, because it feels like everyone has stopped what they’re doing just to stare at you with shame for not being prepared and holding up the line and have this sad walk of shame as you leave.


Second: you remember you set up your cards on your smartphone, pull the phone to the register pay and leave with that warm cup of caffeinated heaven, which is all you needed to make the day better.

Moral of the story is that we always have our phones with us, being able to use it more then a phone makes life easier.



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