An Excellent Thanksgiving Party Game That’ll Keep Everyone Out of Mom’s Way

I’ve got a quite a large family. My loving parents had 7 kids. Those 7 kids multiplied by 3+ fold. We all gather together on Thanksgiving. While waiting for Grandma and Mom(s) to get the feast primed, what are all those kids and grandkids to do? I discovered the perfect family-friendly time waster last year – The Jackbox Party Pack.

Jackbox Games has always been pretty great at making party games, and the latest addition to their library does not disappoint. The Jackbox Party Pack (the 3rd version was just released last month) is a downloadable app that you can play through Steam or any newer game console. It comes with several games inside of that app, with all of them multiplayer (one supports up to 100 players!). The twist is that each player’s “game controller” is their smart phone or tablet! The TV screen tells you to go to a certain site, input a certain code, and everyone is connected together and ready to play.

The games are competitive, but not to the point where you’ll hate a family member if they beat you, but enough that you’ll want to keep playing round after round. You can seriously play on the Jackbox Party Pack for hours (especially if you’ve downloaded all 3 iterations of it), as it includes several different games. I highly recommend downloading this app to make your Thanksgiving that much more memorable!


Here is a screenshot to get you intrigued, and a link to check out the contents of Party Pack 3.


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