Different things to watch on Thanksgiving then Football


Are you tired of watching Football every year on Thanksgiving like me and all the other none sports fans out in the world? Do you love video games? Well have I got the thing for you this holiday weekend! Try something new and take a look into a Video game tournament called IEM Oakland!

IEM Oakland is run by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and have two tournaments running. One for CS:GO and one for LoL. These tournaments still give the excitement of watching something competitive like Football, but with the unique experience of being a video game instead! If your interested in trying something new I would highly recommend checking this out. I would suggest watching CS:GO instead of LoL as it is easier to watch if you don’t have a lot of experience watching a video game competition. I know that is what I will be doing this Thanksgiving instead of watching the Football games. You can find these tournaments HERE.



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