Thanksgiving Tech

Holidays are among us, with just a week before Thanksgiving. I know what you’re thinking, you are pumped to see all of those extended relatives from Uncle Joe who is pumped and ready to talk politics, to Aunt Jody who is wondering why you’re not married yet, to those really awkward cousins that don’t get out much and have no idea what Snapchat or Instagram.

Don’t fear I’ve come up with the top 3¬†saviors.

Apple Music because you need to have access to all of the music, you name it they have it (Except Beyonc√©). Plus if you don’t already have it they have a free 3 month trial.fe7cef5c3b645b84d8e281e408578e03-1200-80.jpgNetflix one of the only things everyone can agree to enjoy.


Any smart lock. ¬†It’s exactly what you think it is, a lock that is just smart. ¬†You don’t necessarily need it but it could be a great excuse for not letting your family get through the door.¬†“Sorry, guys just bought this new lock and it seems to be stuck guess you have to go back home.”¬†Well at least a person can dream, could potentially stall for a few hours.


Whatever happens just remember family is a bunch of people you have to be friends with due to circumstance and at the end of the day you love them.


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