Terms and Conditions May Apply

Watching Terms and Conditions May Apply was a bit of a vindication for me.  About ten years ago, I began developing ad-click campaigns using Google and Facebook for many of my clients.  As I began to work with the developers to program the pages and sites, I was amazed at just how much information I could pull using just a few lines of code in certain areas.

This is why I never opened a personal Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social media account using my actual name.  I have always used an alias and have always opened up the page code using Firebug to ensure that the ‘Privacy Settings’ you are supposedly using are actually being implemented.

For those looking for tips on keeping their information private, or at the very least requiring some sort of notification when their information is being used, I’d recommend using an online VPN, creating a disable switch for Facebook and Twitter on your phone, and finally simply having a second of thought before posting.


Think of photos posted to social media like tattoos.  Easy to get and very hard to remove.




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