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The video was very eye-opening to see that a certain “conspiracy theory,” that has been played out in movie plot lines tirelessly, turns out to be true. Of course, we’re all supposed to be careful about what we say in public (that’s the price of freedom of speech), but when information can be accessed by anyone: the government, the FBI, or a hacker, could simply collect information on a person, I don’t know if either of them could handle it equally responsibly.

Anyone who wants to use the Internet at all will eventually come to a dilemma where they have to provide personal information in order to use a certain service. And it’s not just “name” and “age” they’re asking for. It’s big-ticket info such as addresses, emails, contact info, etc, that could be very hazardous if it was ever handled improperly. Seeing how the government, investigation agencies, and social media companies can access things like search results and social media posts, to help the individual or prevent a potential threat. While this is simply a tool they use to monitor people and assume threatening activity, they have shown, in this documentary, to go overboard sometimes with this kind of power.

This just proves that we need to be more careful about how we use the Internet in generally anything we use it for. Facebook shouldn’t be used as a dump for every photo and thought that comes through your head. The Internet should be treated as a public necessity where you take every precaution, that you would be okay with sharing with the world, or at least agencies that track your every move.



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