The Instagram Jam

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If Instagram isn’t your favorite app, what are you doing?

With more than 500 million users its safe to say IG is kind of a thing right now. Maybe you’re not trying to be trendy like the kids these days and with that being the case you’d be happy to hear Justin Bieber has deactivated his account. No more excuses really.

You can post your own pictures, videos, even Boomerangs and get that great exposure you would on say Facebook but less interaction from your grandmas best friend. Keep up on other friends, celebs, brands, ect. but not worry about everyone else would think if you liked the new scandalous Kanye West music video.”Blake liked this new video”  wont appear on some timeline as it would on Facebook.

I do understand seeing pictures of food, really attractive humans, and shit you cant afford can be a bit discouraging but the beauty of IG is that you really can customize your feed to only see the content you enjoy. You follow whom ever you choose and with the new algorithm you are really only exposed to content that seems most fitting based from your previous interactions. Cool, right?

Maybe IG isn’t your jam but give it a spin, just for me?



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