“It Looks Like a Christmas Tree,”- Buddy The Elf


Hopefully we have all seen the movie Elf with Will Ferrell and Zoe Deschanel. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about one of Santa Claus’ elves named Buddy, who is actually a human and he snuck into Santa’s gift bag as a baby. he finally figures out that he is a human and goes to New York City to meet his biological father who is on Santa’s naughty list. Walter Hobbs is Buddy’s father and works at a book publisher. he and his family are a little weirded out at first and it takes some time to get used to living with Buddy. Also in New York, Buddy meets a girl when he is mistaken for a store employee in the department store Gimbels. they go on a date and eventually end up married, living in the North Pole with a child. Finally, it is Christmas Eve, and Santa’s sleigh crashes in Central Park. Buddy remembered how to fix Santa’s sleigh as well as gets people to start believing in Santa Claus again so he can deliver his Christmas Gifts and return to the North Pole. It is an absolutely amazing Christmas movie to get you in the Christmas Spirit and i highly recommend you watch it.


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