Top Five Christmas

It seems like every holiday season, America is treated to another couple Christmas themed movies.  Well perhaps treated is the wrong word since most of these movies are holly, jolly horrible.  You would think that in an industry famous for rehashing old ideas into new movies, they could master the rehash of Christmas, but unfortunately America receives mostly coal in their movie stockings each year.

So, to help out those who are looking for a fun and entertaining Christmas movie and obviously can’t rely on the major motion picture studios, I’m here to help you out with my top five Christmas movies of all time.

  1.  Its a Wonderful Life
    Enough said.  One of the all time classics is an all time classic for a reason.  However, if you find yourself feeling a little too hipster to watch it legitimately for the first time, try a little drinking game.  Every time a bell rings, Johnny takes a shot.
  2. Die Hard
    Not an obvious choice, but I find dropping someone off the top of the Nagatomi Towers to be the feel good holiday spirit we all need.
  3. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    You have to watch this movie, just for the saucer sled scene.  And in case you were wondering, spraying PAM on the bottom of a sled actually works for the first run.
  4. A Christmas Story
    Watch this movie, or you will shoot your eye out.
  5. High Fidelity
    Since you obviously like top five lists, here’s the best top five list movie.  Plus, it has some classic music throughout it and the main storyline relationship is a bit of an antidote to romcom-itis.


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