Are You on the Naughty or Nice List?

Playing6_naughty_or_nice_small_logo Santa just got a whole lot easier with The Christmas List app! Not only does it keep a list of everyone you need to shop for but it puts everything into categories and priorities. The app also has email support and an address book built in.

The best part of the app is it keeps track of your budget. If you have a huge family or just a lot of shopping to do it can get a little crazy keeping track of your spending. Eventually you just have a huge bundle of receipts. The app gets rid of that headache for you. When you make a purchase and cross someone off the list simply add how much you spent on them and your budget will adjust! This is also the perfect way to keep you on budget so you don’t overspend.

Another great feature is it’s password protected so no one can do any snooping to try and figure out what they are getting. Christmas shopping just got a whole lot less stressful.


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