The spiciness of twitter

Social media sites are different for all of us. Some prefer more visual media like Instagram, which is pretty shallow just saying. Others enjoy the chaos of random pics, vids and memes that get bombarded on Facebook, god bless them, get help. My raison de’tre of the social media gods is twitter. Twitter isn’t everyone’s spicy meatball of choice, but it should be; here’s why!

Twitter is awesome!!! It may take some time to setup and figure out what you want your juicy twitter meatball to taste like. However, once you shoot all your sprinkles and spices on the meatball that is twitter, you’re in for one tasty meatball!


Twitter, the spicy meatball of social media; just right!

You can ignore your friends and family, that alone makes twitter god tier! You can easily choose the most savory of spices out there. Don’t like a tweet, tweet not spicy enough for ya? it’s okay just swipe by it in MILLISECONDS! So fast so convenient.

Like art? follow artists and you’ll be updated with all their art + more personal spices (tweets) mixed in there and some insider art spice (tips) as well. Get in there fam.

By the way guys follow me on Instagram to check out my stunningly amazing photography and art! Give all the likes guys, I really need more likes and follows.  That’s Efrenisit guys, get on that. SMASH that follow and like button! okay thanks.



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