Binging on Netflix

There is no going back to a world without media. It would be like losing ones identity and voice to a platform that connects to millions. It is now a necessity in many peoples working lifestyles and as a consumer I have witnessed media evolve at such rapid pace. I have become a personal fan of online video because as a student in college, it is a medium to break free and relax.

Netflix is my guilty pleasure and a world without online streaming would be difficult to adjust to. Giving it up is not an option in my book. I have grown accustomed to no longer having to wait for an episode of my favorite shows to be released every other weekend, I can stream it and binge watch till my hearts content.


I find TV overrated because we now don’t have to wait glued to the screen, be home when our show is on, and be forced to watch commercials. What torture that was indeed. Online video is the answer to my pleas because I now wield it to my convenience. Time never waits for you and because it moves so fast, it’s hard to make proper arrangements to catch your favorite shows and you run the risk of missing it. With online video, you can be as care free as you desire.


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