Blog Post Web 2.0

Web Maker 2.0

For this blog assignment I found a cool Web Maker 2.0 snippet article about a chrome extension for web developers or designers. In the article it talks about the new features it has such as save and load creations, pane collapsing with saved states, easy add popular JS/CSS libraries, infinite loop protection, and more. It’s just another flavor but it’s selling point to me anyways is it works offline, which means….. no lag! The author mentions that sure there are other services like Codepen, JSFiddle, CSSDeck but they all need to be online. They also have issue with lag sometimes when you’re trying to edit your code in real time and don’t want to use built in functionality in your IDE. It’s easy to use, just go to the link provided above and click the ‘GET IT’ button to install the extension for chrome. All you have to do next is open a new tab and start coding. This is convenient when you want to see your code in real time but don’t want to use programs like Brackets on inferior Apple products or be online at all! This could be convenient if you still wanted to program and your ISP was down (@#)($#@ Comcast! This is also really useful for testing and you can move the left rows over so your code is more compact and your content is more visible. It also looks like the main content area is responsive as well, which is a really nice feature.




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