COMM2400 Blog Post 1

“What is the one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform, or feature you would find hard to give up if you had to…and why?”

I would say that the one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform, or feature I would have a hard time giving up would be the consumption of media rich content.  I’m pretty much used to being able to access media, video, or music online and would have a hard time giving this accessibility up.



  1. I started this blog as an outlet to think about my interest in design. When I say design, I mean design that speaks to me, which is a matter of opinion and subjective. I know, some people might disagree with my opinions on good design, but I tend to gravitate towards certain themes, designs, and layouts on the web. One example of these would be architectural themes, check it out & see what you think.

    Along with certain design topics, I like the idea of clean fluid websites, as they feel sleek and modern. This is everything from the layout and design, to the template, color scheme, concept & imagery, as well as interactivity as you hover & scroll.

    An example of this would be uber’s website as it showcases this perfectly. The overall feel of the sight is fluid & interactive, but the imagery is mostly modern & new. I’m not crazy about the image under the section “A brand that reflects who we already were”, as the idea seems good but the design is lacking. I would take it and make it more 3 dimensional and have the animation be more noticeable.

    These are just two aspects of design that come to mind when I think of great innovative design. Other ideas that come to mind are page interactivity with widgets, image reloading based off of selection using Ajax, and using JQuery plugins on charting to make your business website feel more professional.




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