I need my online video



Between my full time job, school and my other obligations I want time to relax. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the issues facing the world. Mindless entertainment isn’t acceptable either (I’m looking at you Reality T.V. Maury Povich and too many boring talk shows.) Want I’m searching for is entertainment to stretch the mind, amaze me, thrill me make me cry and shake me. I have that on demand. Thank you Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO GO. I can watch quality televsion whenever I please.

What would happen if someone took this away? My minute of ZEN would be taken away from me and millions of others. The broadcast model of tuning every week at the same time to watch the show is gone. Being able to watch the entire season at once (Binge) is the new standard. It’s hard to think about not having this tech world luxury the traditional networks are taking note. Will the broadcast/cable channels exist in the future? Well it’s safe bet they will have to evolve from what they are currently.



#Cantlivewithout #Onlinevideo #BingeWatching


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