If Netflix Stopped Streaming

We all know what happens when it gets late at night and you can’t quite fall asleep yet…Netflix! If you arn’t currently binging on a series it can take some time to find something you like. Say you get on one night, spend allll that time pouring through the heaping piles of BS to finally come to something that seems appealing, you click on that ohh too familiar “Play” icon, and instead of your selection coming up you find yourself reading a message:

“Please select if you’d like the Blue Ray edition or the standard DVD? Overnight delivery options are also available, or select standard shipping.”


I think we can all agree that this would be an event to get some major attention not to mention multitudes of disgruntled, pissed off, unsubscribing customers that used to be as loyal as night’n’day. Especially if your like me and only use your TV for DVD’s, VHS’s with the occasional Chromecast, it would be much more limiting if I couldn’t see the newer things that are out there, and I sure as hell refuse to have actual “stations” that you spend excess time flipping through more loads of crap before you can finally find something suitable, that’s then riddled with commercials just pumped full of assaulting adds…pass!



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