Instagram Or Nah

Lets just put it all out there. Could I live without Instagram..? Although it would be similar to living in the dark ages, or in an Amish community, yes I would survive. As crazy as it may seem I would still be able to breath air into my lungs and wake up in the morning. Would I miss sliding head first into some beautiful, intelligent, and extremely worldly women’s DM’s… Why of course. Would I meet far less women? Yes. Would my ego become extremely deflated like your 65 going on 25-year-old uncle, when he forgets his Viagra and finally realizes that Bossley doesn’t actually work? And he might have to actually turn to Yes. But besides my deflated ego and my
images.jpegnewly celibate self, my world would become significantly smaller. No I’m serious. As much as Instagram is filled with hype beasts, 16 year olds who look 25 (shout out Kylee Jenner), and booty pic’s (shout out the stair stepper at your local college campus gym) it also sends breaking news onto your screen in a matter of seconds. And as fake as it is, you do get to see things that you wouldn’t normally. I mean I don’t know about you, but besides the ugly girls that think their nude modeling is really an actual form of art, not because it’s the only way that they can get attention. I’ve seen some actual beautiful pictures. It’s also a way to keep in touch with friends who are thousands of miles away that tag you in memes that make you question your decency as a human being. Instagram also lets you express your opinion without your bigoted Aunt Martha calling you names on Facebook for everyone to see. My point being Instagram better be around for a hot sec or else the world will go downhill faster than it already is. And we don’t need that.



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