No Longer Lost.

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When asked about what Web 2.o application that would be hard to give up  and I thought about the item I use everyday and that would be Google Maps. Every morning I wake up and as I get closer to leaving I open up my Google maps app to see what they traffic is for the day this gives me the information needed so I can get to school, work or my current activity for the day on time.

Do you remember the days when you would get on to your desktop computer and look up MapQuest and print off this list of instructions of how to get to your destination, for me this was when I first got my license. We now  can type in an address in our phones and say go and then this wonderful lady will come on and tell you step-by-step directions to help your drive, walk or ride public transportation. We no longer need to pull out our old maps and sit for 10 minutes deciding whats the best way to get there. We no longer need to be lost. I know I could not give up Google Maps could you?



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