The day Google died….for 5 minutes.



“I’m sure Google would know the answer.” “Why don’t you Google it?” “Hey Google….”

As someone that loves to consume news, trivia, blogs and all things delicious and convenient about the internet.  The idea of an internet before Google is hard for me to even understand.  What was the point of even having the internet? How did you even use it?

In recent years, the word Google has become virtually interchangeable with internet. For many of us the idea of how someone could even use the internet without Google’s search engine is unimaginable. So unimaginable in fact, that I had to google it.  How’s that for irony? But as it turns out, the modern world has experienced life without Google. Well, we’ve experienced five minutes without it.

On August 14th, 2013 at 4:52, the world as I know it ended.  For five minutes. And, as we found out afterward, I’m not the only one unable to comprehend the internet without Google. In that five minutes internet traffic across the globe dropped by 40% and Google lost an estimated $500,000 in revenue.  All across the internet articles were published decrying our Google dependency and analyzing what it means for internet connected world. For me, I’ve decided that I’m not afraid of the day Google dies, because chances are, my boss won’t be able to get to work that day either.


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