Why Free Two-Day Shipping is Ruining My Life

amazon_prime_0_0.jpgI love Amazon Prime. It’s the first place I go to whenever anything pops into my head. We aren’t even a month into the year and I’ve already bought bougie cat litter, a “zoodler”, and a book on Russian witchcraft from them. Just a couple of days ago I found myself ordering silk pillowcases at 2am in the comfort of my glowing phone screen, wrapped up in a blanket burrito. The idea of being able to order any little bits of random junk at any time of the day takes all of my shopping anxiety away and I don’t feel guilty anymore for making five separate, tiny orders in one day-even though I probably should. However, I’ve realized that if free two-day shipping and ridiculous product variety wasn’t part of the deal there’s no way I would keep mindlessly throwing my money at Amazon specifically. The near-immediate gratification is a really something I’ve come to expect in my shopping experience and at this point I’m hopelessly infatuated with the convenience of shopping and tracking my orders through their clean and organized UI/UX.


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