YouTube: I kinda need it in my life.

You know those stereotypes of millennials that just watch YouTube all day? I am a living embodiment of that. YouTube is my favorite platform on the web. Even over Netflix, Shudder, Crunchy Roll, and Hulu. I’ve spent entire days off watching video after video of Game Grumps, CollegeHumor, Accursed Farms, and so many, many more.

Most importantly, the man who I look up to the most, Doug Walker, has built his career upon making videos for YouTube. His movie reviews have not only been entertainment for me, but an inspiration to me. Doug Walker is my hero. You can check out his channel here:

Ever since I discovered Doug’s content, I knew that I wanted to do the same. My use of YouTube is so much more than just a past time or hobby. I want to make content that people look forward to. That means something to those that view it. Losing that ability would leave an absolutely horrendous hole in my life.

Check out my channel here:


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