Youtube Member is a best world wide web video sharing. Youtube allows user to be a part of their interactive interface by signing up to be a member. Once being a member, member can either upgrade to be a premium or just a regular member where member can upload and share video or listen music and video music or movie to public or private to the world and friends and family.

Since gives all the right to member to upload anything member wish to but there are limited in length and contents. However, youtube is very strict with copyright content. Be really aware of content member wish to share in their own channel is not belong to any copyright. If a member wish to share, make sure member refer or give credit to the content owner.


As of myself being a member of I always use for sharing my gaming video. I really appreciate provides massive spaces for my video. My gaming videos are 30 minutes long or more. Though has no problem to give me the space and they are not limited my video length at all. This feature is stunning me because I do not have to worry about I have to make my video to be specific length and I also do not to worry about how many video do I have to post a day etc.

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-9-59-05-am allows me to upload as many video as I can a day and just make sure I am posting or uploading content meet their policy. Furthermore, Yotube also provide live streaming and video editor inside their website. This cool features are really convenience because I do not have to worry much about my video must be to a good quality to post. Youtube has the function where I can auto fix my video and youtube tool will do it and load up my video to a better quality.

I would be upset and might not use to share my video if there is limited length on my video and has no functions where I can share video with my friends. Luckily, Youtube provide me those function and they are free to use. I hardly go away from Youtube because I use it every day to chat with friends or reply comments. I really happy that Youtube is there and it serves my life purpose to share with friends.




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