TV and I: Inseparable


Just as when I thought I couldn’t get more distracted in life, my TV can now always be in my pocket. As I walk into work, I was watching ESPN and a few of my clients wanted to know what I was doing. I could simply flip my phone around and some them sports highlights from the night before and creating conversation topics for the rest of the day.

There is a difference with asking someone if they saw a TV show last night and actually showing them and being able to connect with a person.

In the last year, Xfinity has re-imaged and launched a new app where customers can use their Xfinity account to watch TV on the go. The game changer for me is if I was watching a show or TV series from home, I can finish watching it on my phone during lunch breaks and in between classes.

It would be extremely difficult for me to let go of this app. If it didn’t exist, life would totally be less convenient. But I guess that is what our society is now, how convenient is it for me. With a wife and daughter that beg for my attention when I come home after a long day, this app allows me to catch up on things I’ve missed in the news and home away from home.


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