After Generation Like

Generation Like is a PBS FRONTLINE documentary on social media, its effects on teens, and how corporations are making big bucks with it. It was a very interesting program and showed the best and worse parts of social media. One part of the program illustrated the phenomenon of collaborations; YouTuber X features YouTuber Y on his channel, making both more popular in the process. After Generation Like was aired, many of the social media stars featured in it became even more popular. Just like a collaboration video, Generation Like made them more popular. For example; Ceili Lynch – one of The Hunger Games’ top fans – and Tyler Oakley (who currently has over 8 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel) both received positive feedback from being on PBS. However, not everyone featured in that edition of FRONTLINE received the same treatment.

Daniela Diaz – an aspiring singer who was featured toward the end – received hate mail; mostly from older men and women who had seen the program. It got so bad she eventually decided to delete her account. I think it’s sad that the only message some people got from this was “Look out! Big corporations are using our kids!” Generation Like was about exposing the social media apparatus and bringing transparency, but it wasn’t about getting rid social media altogether. Social media is here to stay, and so is the advertising that goes along with it. Picking on kids for advertising their favorite brands isn’t going to change that.


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