“GENERATION LIKE” Social Media Observation

Generation Like is a PBS FRONTLINE documentary on social media. It effects on teens or media users, and how corporations are making money out of it. It is a great documentary video that showed the outcomes of social media.

The documentary showed that many media users are teens and they are being victim of many corporation to spoil them and make the money out of them. Corporations are role players on social media to promote a talented media user such as Liam Horne. He is a talented musician and he is a youtuber  just like other teens. However, Liam Horne spotted on most view and like from viewers and subscribers and he was target by a corporation and he was supported by corporation by giving him what he wants to have such Adidas shoes. Then the corporations support him by promoting him into social media public and he becomes famous and the corporation can benefits from his talents.

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-2-18-05-pmAfter Liam Horne spotted on “Generation Like” a PBS FRONTLINE documentary video, he is even getting more famous.

Though being a part of social media has good and bad. Social media corporation such as Facebook, Youtube or Google has all credential information about users. They knows what you doing, what you like, and where you at. They can track your location and they can see what you are up to. All information is collecting in real time by corporation. Every post or even every time you are using their application, they know where you at and what you are up to. These tracks could lead to bad way but it could lead into good way as well. Depending on what corporations want from you and what you are posting or liking.

Generation Like” was to show what social media can do and what outcomes it brings to the teens or social media users. “Generation Like” was also to warn or to tell social media users to be aware of what they are using and they are putting their information down to the public because people or corporation can track you down.




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