Put The Phone Down.




“Generation Like” raises very good questions as to whether companies are using “empowerment” as a tool to lure and trick people, especially kids into ‘liking’ and selling products for them, and all of this for free. Social media has become a competition, not just among companies but also among friends and complete strangers. It is a competition of who can receive the most “Likes”, more likes means more empowerment. But this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Yes this social media world is cool but guess what it’s NOT REAL. And that’s the main issue that I have with social media these days. All these young kids are looking up to people who are famous on social media as role models and it’s starting to be a problem. Its fake, It’s all a persona and kids need to be looking up to real people with real goals who live a real life. Not some trust fund baby on Instagram who drives blacked out G wagons and parties with porn stars. Parents of these young kids need to step up and raise their children with real goals and aspirations. The phones need to be put down so they don’t grow up hidden behind a screen.

Learn about the world your children are growing up in.






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