Friend or Foe

This documentary “Generation Like” is hitting key factors about social media, millennials, advertising and marketing. In today’s day and age companies like Pepsi have taken a turn in the way they are advertising their product, but they aren’t the only ones. With the movement of social media vastly becoming our reality, companies need to not only find their way to consumers but to keep them. This movement does not only involve large brands such as Pepsi or Oreo’s, but even social media its self. Social media needs to be accessible to keep their users coming back and utilizing them and stay in competition with other media platforms.The way its done is by using its own consumers as free advertisements with things such as clothing brands, food and music. We as individuals are attaching ourselves to these brands and these companies subconsciously thinking were in control of the media we consume and the media we display on our own social networks, but is that really whats happening?

We as a society are free walking advertisements for large companies that get their name and brand out there and in turn we get the validation we want by being sponsored by some of the most world wide known names while doing something you enjoy such as doing make up, fitness, skateboarding and so many other things that companies are willing to contribute to get their name out there.

Social media and marketing and the need for validation as human beings is a cycle to keep everything in motion. Living in a world that thrives off of how many likes, retweets, comments ect.. is so important to us, its become a job in itself to make our mark in the social media realm.

But what type of impact does this have on us in the long run? With living in a cyber world we become disconnected to reality. We expect every picture to get a million likes within seconds, become insta-famous by a couple a post and become you-tube sensations over night. Our world has becoming these simultaneous aspects of instant gratification. One will never know what goes on behind the scenes until it becomes the next big headline. Unfortunately the world has made us very replaceable always looking for the next younger, most beautiful thing and that takes a toll on ones mentality , especially these kids starting at young age because social media is all they have ever known, So how far are we really willing to take it, until it takes over us?sns-addiction


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