“Generation like” is a documentary film that shows kid & teenagers that got their fame through social media. Crazy right? You would never think that just by posting online you would ever become famous and by famous I mean getting a lot of followers/ subscribers that could then lead to getting paid.

Source: Pinterest

Take Steven Fernandez or “Scumbag”, a kid who first started posting skating videos on YouTube for fun, then surprisingly got thousands and thousands of views which lead him to getting a few sponsors that pay him with their brand name clothing or money. YouTube itself also started to pay him for letting them put advertisements in his videos. Which in my opinion is pretty cool because  at his age I would have never thought about doing that, I was to busy using my Digi Draw or watching Ghost Hunters.

Steven then started making funny videos which gave him even more attention, like his Poop Prank In Compton!

This film also talks about how the generation of today really cares a lot about how much people “Liked” their photo or see how many people viewed their post. Which I do see happen for example, I see girls trying so hard to look super cute or sexy in order to get likes and if they don’t get the likes that they want they’ll just end up deleting it. Even Steven sees how girls are on Instagram, he actually talks about it in one of his video “Skating Over Mac Miller“.


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