Watching the “Generation Like”  was actually inspiring. Even though it was this young teenager playing practical jokes and dancing with women. He is getting over 200k views on his videos. Getting that many views puts him at an advantage because big brands will want to recruit you to sponsor them, and we all have the ability to do that. These Websites are free like, facebook, twitteryoutube, facebook all we have to do is upload! To me that just amazes me. This was not such a big deal back then but now it’s basically what the world revolves around “LIKES”.  However, I do feel like there could be the downside to it like, not having privacy and having so many people putting their two cents of an opinion. You would definitely have to have thick skin. There will be a lot of people commenting  and criticizing every move you do. But if you ask me who cares what people think?? I’d be  getting paid more every time you give me attention.  

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