After watching the FRONTLINE documentary “Generation Like” I feel like it made something that I already knew a reality. It was good to know that we the consumers have the power! We can essentially “make ” or “break” a product or brand. I like that it is easy to express you like or dislike of things. And not only share that with your family and friends, but also with tons of people that are connected to us through our social media. What we like or dislike, and share on social media really has an effect on people that we reach. We also have the power to drive people to try different thins. It’s nice to know that we have a voice, and the power to do that!

In this documentary they featured an agency that uses social media to make their clients popular! They represent brands, products, and even celebrities. They tie them all together and get people to like them. This in turn runs their trending number really high, and it exposes them to millions of people several times a day! They use social media to track and keep numbers on all the interactions between their clients, products, and their audience. I found it especially interesting when they showed us how they cross use their clients to get more followers for the up and coming ones! This is brilliant! This agency is called The Audience


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