The Impact of “Generation Like”

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As time continues on in life we grow in different ways culturally. This growth makes us who we are and can be defined from generation to generation. The question is though how does it impact our society. PBS did a segment on what is effecting our current generation culturally it is called “Generation Like” Through this documentary it talks about how kids have a great impact with what they share on social media from Facebook, to YouTube, to twitter. Companies have figured out that they can’t survive in this world without a presence in social media in some sort of way, and even some have figured out that they have a free marketing department by getting kids to like what they have and then share it on social media for others to see. This documenter features a company that works off of what it shared and liked for their customers they use the information to help grow someone’s fan base or production they do all the dirty work.

The greatest problem with social media that this documentary touches on is that it gives people the feeling of empowerment. This gives room for people saying whatever they want and doing whatever they want without as many repercussions because they are now internet famous.

This was a super great documentary to watch to see something that hits home to all of us have such a great impact on society






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