Wait?!…Am I Generation Like?


Watch Ian Somerhalder de-vamp and talk about his social media in “Generation Like”.

In the documentary “Generation Like” it takes a look at why  “likes” are so sought after an
d wanted, because essentially if you have likes on your social media you have that little dose of fame and instant validation. When we are teenagers that’s all we want. When we grow up in a world of “likes” we continue to want that instant validation. In the documentary everyon
e is so concerned with their status on social media, it made me question, am I like that? Whatever happened to being liked or being popular isn’t everything?

It’s 7 am, and I wake up. You would think the first thing I would do would be, stretch, make the bed and brush my teeth. When in fact the first thing I do is check my phone for notifications. I check the news first, then snapchat then I check the latest post I made to see how many “likes” it’s gotten and more importantly who has liked it.  This is common behavior among millennials now. I didn’t even realize I was a millennial until I looked it up on the source of all knowledge, Google. I like to think that I don’t care about my social media, that I could go without it, but my first unconscious thought in the morning is to check my notifications.

Why do I care so much?   In high school, before you had the internet on your phone you would have to go to the library or wait the long 8 hours till you got home to check your comments and likes on MySpace. I was a smart girl and learned the pass code for the blocked websites to the school computers so I could get on myspace during lunch, because who wants to eat when that cute guy just left a comment on my feed, and  I had to update my top 8 friends list everyday. So if you’d asked me back then why I cared so much i’d say because myspace is our social caste system, and instant validation. With Facebook, Instagram, twitter and snapchat, it’s only gotten more real.

Or so advertisers and everyone might want you to believe. I think that it is important we are on social media because that is the way information is passed along now days, and it’s fun to reconnect with people but I also think it is equally important to not base your self-worth on social media. I grew up in the first wave of this generation and just because some one is posting awesome pictures and getting a ton of likes doesn’t mean they are better than you. I feel as though in the documentary that’s what these people are doing, as well as selling things.

So am I a part of generation like? Yes, we all are, whether we want to be or not, because the world has changed and that’s okay. I just hope we realize that being “liked” isn’t everything.

Jenna Singh

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