Becoming One with the Web

We are in a time in which the web has become one with our lifestyle. No longer is the web a reversible period. Feeds are what we scroll to become informed, not newspapers. Everything is transitioning to the web and soon it’ll become a place where one no longer needs to go outside the comfort of their home to obtain the information they desire. The web is the new black for all people. However, it is teens that are the target audience due to being more open to suggestion.

Teenagers seek acceptance and it is through the web they feel most comfortable to do so. The web is painted as a safe-place for them to make friends and gain acceptance and popularity. The documentary Generation Like is a great example of web dependency. The documentary highlights teenagers who are tech savvy and how through their use of the web, they received more likes, sponsorships, and recognition. It is incredible to see the handle they have of the web and know what to do to reach more views.

Social media is in its sprouting age and reaching more people globally than ever. It’s not the medium but rather the interaction through the web that people are so keen to become part of. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. are all great examples of how far the web has reached and the amount of people it has touched. We all want to be noticeable and it is through the web that our invisibility and reserve disappears. The web is a powerful tool that can cause harm and bring innovation to many degrees. Know that you are a walking ad and be conscious and cautious of what you put on the web, it has eyes.

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