Generation Like, So what?

^ERAfter watching Generation Like I feel the same way I do as before, A little shocked but at the same time a little indifferent. I don’t think it’s all bad as some people go out and try to make it. I also don’t think it’s as crazy as the older generation thinks it is.



It’s just what currently works for big companies to spread the word. Will it still work in 10 years? Maybe, who knows, I doubt it though. The times are changing. Just like college doesn’t grantee you a good job anymore, you just gotta go with what life gives ya.

If you can get a company to give you stuff for memeing out about their products than go for it, more power to you! With a free market you gotta do whatever it takes to make your business a success. and currently likes rule the world for that. Some realize what’s going on and ignore most of that stuff. Unfortunately young children are easily susceptible to being used to spread the word about random products. Eventually they’ll brighten up and realize they got got and stop falling for it. As long as companies don’t show or make people do bad things I think it’s fine.

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