Generation Like…or Generation Nope?

Image result for overwhelmed by social mediaIn the documentary “Generation Like”, we take a closer look into the lives of teens who have risen to fame through various social media platforms. In a mere fifty three minutes and forty one seconds, we’re shown how teens have allowed “internet fame” to take control of their lives.

Teens seek validation, recognition, and attention from their online “peers” and oftentimes, this is through some form of exploitation.

We’re shown examples of teenage girls who post provocative photos while holding boy’s toys to Instagram and call it “art.” We also saw how “Baby Scumbag”, a young boy from Compton, has shifted his skating career to something that has given him more attention: girls. By posting videos of girls dancing, or even “how to pick up girls” to his Youtube channel, he’s seen a huge growth in his following.

Likes, shares, and subscribes can even go beyond simple “internet” fame and have now created a way for one to earn a living (whether actual money or just free swag.)

Teens with a high enough following, have created their own personal brand, which major companies are wanting to be a part of. Companies like Adidas give free clothing to be worn in a music video, or Ford might lend a car to be used as product placement.

Whether teens realize it or not, they are allowing themselves to  be objectified for no other reason, than to seek fame. It’s time to start thinking less about ourselves, and more about others.



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