My favorite app would have to be wattpad. What is wattpad? Its awesomeness with more awesomeness. In all seriousness it is the “world’s largest community for readers and writers.” Whatever genre you are into, they have it, and best of all – IT IS FREE. You can read from anywhere. Oftentimes, we are chained by wifi and if there is no wifi, we are cut off from certain apps. With wattpad, whether you are online or offline, you do not have this hanging over your shoulder and you can read without a worry.

Because this is a community of readers and writers, there is bound to be emotions felt when reading. With wattpad, you have and inline commenting section that lets you interact and share your thoughts as you are reading. Inspiration is also a key component to this app because other writers work is bound to influence and inspire you. “You can try your hand at writing” because in all honesty, there is someone ready and waiting to read from you. You can become the next hit in literature. Try it out, create an account, and read until your eyes burn 😮 Jk, but do check it out!







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