Emerald City

Everyone longs for the perfect home or the ideal vacation spot or how to get in shape without lifting a finger, well the gateway to this life style is called…Pintrest. Pintrest opens up the flood gates to everything you always wanted. It shows you how to decorate your house to perfection, making those easy contraptions you would break your wallet for and the list goes on. I love Pintrest because its a cyber world that I create starting within my mind to creating its own personal board on Pintrest. My boards range from fashion (of course) to fitness to art and so on and so on. Creating your Pintrest is like creating your own virtual reality, you can really picture your house looking like one of those model homes or you can actually imagine yourself in that beautiful Chanel dress that you could never afford or you can create something like it ( if your artsy like that, I however am not. A girl could dream though). Once you start pintrest-ing you cant stop, you just want more and more and more, you can spend hours on it without realizing it. But that’s part of its glory your creating your own reality through your boards and do what you may with it, to some its only fantasy but to others its a guideline in real life. Anything is possible when you become a pintrester. facebook_share_image.png

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